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Come and Gone

Chris getting a trim from the rest of the band! Photo by Courtney Swarm

Chris getting a trim from the rest of the band! Photo by Courtney Swarm Photography.

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already August. Then again, it seems like a long time ago since I moved out of our house last June. Anyways, when you live in a college town like me, summer is considered over in a week or two, so I thought I’d reminisce a little.

In my last blog I mentioned potential items on my summer to-do list. I’m proud to say I accomplished the following:

  • I engineered and produced my friend Aaron Zettler’s EP. I’m currently editing and mixing it! Sounding solid.
  • I got inspired (with some help of a new delay pedal)
  • I wrote some new songs
  • I wrote some new lyrics

I did make it to Philly and Tennessee for the family-related events, but decided not to head out to LA this summer. I worked some odd jobs to make a little cash, which was quite necessary. All-in-all, it was a good and productive summer. We played our last show for awhile in Chicago this past June, which was a blast. We always have a good time in Chicago. That city appreciates their pop-rock music.

Anyways, we’ve moved into a new house, complete with a ping-pong table and a dishwasher (if you watched our old Cribs video, you know what I’m talking about), so that’s pretty cool. The majority of the next several months will be dedicated to writing and working. Some of us will be working full-time jobs to save some green for recording. The new demos we’ve been working on are sounding solid and we really like the direction we’re heading in. More clean guitar and more experimental in general. In the meantime, we’re getting pumped for the release of Reason 5.0 and Record 1.5! Honest to God, Propellerhead is incredibly awesome and their software has changed the way I create music for the better. If you are a musician and have not used their software, download their demos here and check it out.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Sweatshirt Weather gets their picture taken – Episode 9

So back in May, we headed to Syracuse, Indiana to do a little photo shoot over Nate’s 21st birthday. Nate happens to have a lake house there, so the following video is the fun that ensued over that weekend. Enjoy!


Hello Summer

Photo by Courtney Swarm

Photo by Courtney Swarm

It’s the eve’s eve of our last show for the summer and i can’t help but be a little bummed. Ordinarily, summer provides an excellent opportunity for bands to tour, play festivals, and have water balloon fights without worrying about their fans not showing up due to it being a school night. For us however, it means writing, demoing, working, and vacation, which is all well and good, but going two months without playing shows makes me anxious to get back out on the road! Due to circumstances described in my last blog will prevent us from the typical summer festivities.

So as I munch on these Sweet Chili Rice Chips (part of my midnight dinner) (oh wow, I can’t stop munching!) (okay, okay, I’m wiping my hands off)… crap I lost my train of thought. Anyways, our last show until the fall is this Sunday in Chicago. We are playing with some awesome bands such as The Fold and A Kidnap in Color so we hope to go out with a bang.

On tap for me for the summer includes: going to Philly for a wedding, going to Tennessee for family, potentially going to LA for band-related things, engineer/produce my friend’s EP, get inspired, write songs, get inspired again, and write lyrics. Should be a good summer. I’ll keep in touch.


P.S. Like our new promo pic? Check out our friend and photographer @

Random is Good – Episode 8

It’s been a year plus one month…

go fly a kite

go fly a kite

Ahh. The birds are chirping, lawn mowers mowing, and the sun is shining. Summer is quickly approaching and I could not be more eager for its arrival. Thinking about everything that has transpired this past year since I moved to West Lafayette, it seems like it’s been a really long year, even though it actually went by really fast. As a band without much history before last summer, we definitely got a lot accomplished. We got a full band together, recorded and released an EP, and played shows just about every weekend for the past four months. There were also a lot of tribulations along the way that I’d just as soon forget. There’s still tons of work left be done, roads yet untraveled, faces yet to be seen, and songs yet to be written. The future is exciting, but for now I’m going to try and live in the moment and enjoy where I am along this journey. (more…)

Hi, we’re Sweatshirt Weather and we play metal.

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Since it is April Fools Day, I considered writing about how everyone quit the band except me and how I’ve decided to turn it into a one-man metal band, but I figured you guys were tired of being fooled at this point. I, myself, was the victim of the classic “put a rubberband around the spray thing at the kitchen sink so when you turn on the sink, the sprayer soaks you” prank. Despite it being four in the afternoon, I was still in my PJs, so no harm done.

So other than the occasional shenanigan at Camp Sweatshirt Weather, things have been fairly normal. Actually, I suppose the occasional shenanigan is normal. I went on a spring break (hey, just cause I’m not in school doesn’t mean I can’t go on spring break, right?) with my three best friends to the anti-spring break locale of Columbia, South Carolina. We had a free place to stay there and were hoping to have a little warmer weather than dreary ol’ Indiana, but it turns out this was not the case. Much to our dismay, it was mild and overcast just about all week. We still managed to have a fun and fairly relaxing time. Plus, they let our 20-year old pal Aaron into the bars with us. Score! (read more after the jump!) (more…)

The making of…

As promised, here’s a little footage of us pressing our CD. We decided to do the first 100 copies ourselves. They are now sold out, but we’ve got a new batch of professionally-pressed bad boys coming in this week. Also, our EP is finally on iTunes as well!

Zen and the Art of MIDI Controller Maintenance

So I bought a new MIDI controller couple weeks back to replace my full-sized Yamaha keyboard. I don’t use all those octaves and it was just a hassle taking it on the road with us, so I downgraded (read: upgraded) to a M-Audio Axiom 49. I already have the Axiom 25 and dig it, but wanted a few more octaves to work with.

Anyways, I picked up said Axiom on ebay and finally received it a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, the day before our Saturday Michigan show, my controller took a terrible fall down the stairs to our band room. I stood there horrified as I watched my new baby tumble down the stairs with nothing left I could do to save it. Long story short, everything seemed fine, practiced with it, then took it to the show with us to Flushing, MI. During the first song of our set, the notes kept sustaining constantly when I wasn’t even using the pedal. I checked the back where the sustain pedal input is and found it to be slightly bent, rendering it useless and shorting out the electronics to make it sustain every note pushed. I had to use my MicroKorg for the rest of the show. :(

Once back home in Indiana, I picked up a soldering iron from the hardware store and went to work. I took pictures, detailing the process for you wonderful readers! (more…)

Baby, it’s cold outside

I don’t know about you guys, but the winters here in Indiana are far too long. It starts getting nasty around November and will last into March. We’ve had a lot of snow lately, and frankly, I’m tired of it. So while we are working on a new video blog, I thought I’d reminisce about warmer times. I lived in Florida for a year for college and in LA for almost a year after that, so I will take you to my SoCal days. Enjoy, and stay warm (thirsty) my friends!


With High Hopes

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We’ve got a couple weeks until our next show, which leaves room for watching the Super Bowl (gotta represent the hometown), recording some new demos, and sending our laptops in for repair. I’ve come to believe that Apple Care is the only extended warranty worth having.

But more importantly than any of that nonsense, our EP has finally been released! We had a CD release show at The Emerson Theater in Indianapolis, which went swimmingly. We sold copies of our handmade EP, “With High Hopes”. I’ll put a “making of” video together so you can see all the hard work that went into making the CD sleeves!

In addition to offering the limited edition, hand-made works of art, we are also offering our EP for a free download through! Head over here and take a listen! I think it encapsulates the past few years’ emotional spectrum for us. Love, heartbreak, happiness, despair, freedom, sadness, elation, apprehension, exhaustion. You get the idea.

Anyways, take a listen to one of our new songs at the top of this post called “Maybe We’ll Make It Summer” and if you dig it, check out the rest of our album!