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So let us call this progress

Locked in a stairwell, recording guitars.

Locked in a stairwell, recording guitars.

Good evening, folks. It’s been a while. It’s been a while, and I apologize. I suppose we should catch up, like the old friends we are?

At about 3am last night we finished mixing the EP we’ll be releasing in June. We were mixing under conditions that aren’t ideal, but so it goes for the unsigned band, right? The crux of the problem being that I am here in Salt Lake City and Shawn (engineer, mix-master, guru) is in Seattle. Now thank god for the internet, but sometimes the internet is slow! So, basically it took us two days longer than planned/hoped, but we got it done. I’ll post a couple of the songs here, even. How about it? (more…)

Tour Footage: Detroit

What’s up people.  It’s Walt from The 54, freshly back from a touring  for about 2 months both independently and with our favorite android/singer, Janelle Monae which was in a word- great. Anyway, we got some video evidence. Here’s some footage of one of the shows with JM in at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. There will be more vids to follow. The song in this video is called Throw It All Away.

The Breeders are an amazing band

And that is why we covered them at thursday nights show. Here is some video to watch. Unfortunately you cannot see that there are alot of people there. All who showed up at 9PM on a thursday. L.A. is notorious for flakiness and yes man-ing people to death!! So the fact that people came and that our marketing worked is super exciting and a relief. We made flyers, sent facebook invites, followed up with people personally, created rsvp lists, visited other people’s shows, promoted to promoters, and had our flyers posted by other blogs etc. Alot of work for a 30 minute set. And now we have another one on tuesday!!

At the end of the day people’s time is the most precious thing to them. I know mine is. So to music lovers and those friends they drag with them I bow and say thank you for responding to us …and we need you to.


release email copyHi internet. It has been a very long daaaaaaayeeeeeee. I mean week. Etc. So I am sorry for getting this up late but I literally lost the jump drive that it was located on..then we had a show in Pasadena last night at a very cool divey pub where I screamed alot until people came in from outside just to see what was going down, then woke this morning to breakfast with my friend who plays drums for Rod Stewart. He has a really fucking great job OBVIOUSLY. Tomorrow we will make some music together, so I spent today preparing my songs for his critique. Then had a meeting regarding the launch of our new website. ALSO TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it kicks ass! So excited…Oh yeah, also we released our double EP today. One for free and one on itunes.

You can go to our website NOW and get it!!!!!

Finally I can stop telling people soon. Soon sucks. Now is better. Soon rhymes with goon and loon. Now rhymes with wow and how. I much more like saying wow.

Like WOW, I can’t believe that is done, and NOW I am seriously hungry.

And now there will be another list coming in shortly to clog my brain with to do’s. But just for today I am going to eat and be happy .

Also, internet…Yes there’s more. All Wrong now has their own blog on our website!!!

Yes we love you. All of you internet. All of you.

Playing Out.

This is happening. I am busy.

All Wrong @ The Echo

Actual blogs coming soon. In the mean time… check out that snail.

I’m serious about it.

Tetris (The 54’s Version)

Tetris Style

Tetris Style

No trailers here buddy!!! We have everything in this Tour Van aka ‘BLACK BETTY!’

As you can see here we have: Merch Bins, 2-Guitar Amps, a Bass Amp, 2-guitar Cases, a bass-guitar case, Drums, a tech bin, and two banners (and that’s just the back of the van). Not to mention water bottles, Fruit, Sleeping Gear, and other Misc. stuff. We were able to fit all this into one 12 Passenger Van…

My advice to touring bands (especially to the bands going on their first tours, like ourselves) sometimes you don’t need those huge Mashall Cabinets especially if you’re only playing on small stages. This helps to cut down on a lot of space, AND GAS!!! Note: we are a 4 piece band so if you’re rollin’ with 5+ than a trailer maybe necessary…lol

-Mike-Mike (Drummer, The 54)

The DrummerDiet – “0:30min workout”

Hello World! Its Mike (Drummer, The 54),and talk about a common issue I hear from many drummers especially those drummers that have day jobs and may not have enough time to get personal practice in the evening. So I want to introduce the first of my many tips.
GEtting right to it, most musicians lack organization in personal practice. With good organiztion I promise you will begin to see results! So here’s a peek at what my practice usually looks like:
Warm up (0:05)
Foot Technique (0:10)
Hand Technique (0:10)
Jam out to a Difficult Cover (0:05)
This looks very elementary, but the point is the organization! And it works!


YO!!! Can the Fans Get Some Luv’


So today we thought we let our fans be heard!

Byron McCray: You guys ROCKED Joe’s Pub tonight! My life is forever changed thanks to a little band I like to call THE 54!! I’m definitely at the next NYC set!

Cherrye Davis: Just saw you guys at Joe’s Pub, and you blew mine. Excited for your presence in Music, cant wait till u come back to NYC…Just Dope.

Eric Gar: First time saw you guys last night at the highline ballroom. Great opening! At the end of the night I was still singing Bi$?: Mot$erF_’.#r , Dominate is so catchy.

Shane Spacey Sweetwood: One of the dopest sets I’ve seen in a long time @ SOBs on tuesday nite. u doods are officially the most known unknown. have a good show in ny!

Todd Clark: The 54 put it down in Motown!!! Damn!!! Ya’ll need to come back to the “D” real soon! “Let’s get Crazy”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! St. Andrews Hall will never be the same ;-)

Michael Tekhen Strode Hey! I know those guys! THE 54 can call Chicago home whenever they damn well please! I always need a good excuse to say *****! You ************! And it just don’t sound the same sitting in the sanctity of your own home or car spouting off such obscenities to yourself. *chuckles*

Thanks again to all fans from the south, Midwest, and east-coast!

Missing in action

Hey Internet,

Where the hell have I been?  What have I been doing?  Sometimes you wake up and you’re like, “what the fuck just happened?”  While the rest of the unsuccessfull bands in america were in Austin, trying to scam free red stripes and levis, I was hard at work rocking in the eastern part America.  

The first nationally released record that I’ve ever recieved a production credit on came out!  
Jeff ellis’ the forgetting place came out on the new song label out of NYC.  Jeff is currently serving his second tour of duty in the Middle East.  It was a pretty amazing experience becuase when we finished this record he immediately got call back into active duty.  So we had this record in the can and a label to put it out but the main dude was out of commission.  So on Jeff’s 2 week r and r leave from Iraq we did a tour!  Needless to say it was a ball, we split the bill every night with my band the Southern Souls backing Jeff and then closing out the nights. 

So for about the last 2 weeks we’ve been all over the east coast, and boy did it feel good.  I used to tour the us pretty extensively and had forgotten what it meant too me.  Got to see some old frineds and dust off some of a inabitions I had about touring.  Boy I tell you there is almost nothing like the thrill of the open road, good tunes on the stereo, knowing that you are headed to do another show.  Nothing on earth like that shit man, nothing.

So I leave you with a twilight vision of our touring vessel.  Hope to make it too your town soon. 

van sweet home

I like funny

Screen shot 2010-04-07 at 1.53.31 PMSup internet. I just wanted to give you guys some insight to how my brain works. This map is a very good example. I like things to be clear. Also I think that you will find the following chart very easy to interpret as well. I am thinking of making one for All Wrong and the Plans Change. More of a pie chart I think.

Screen shot 2010-04-07 at 1.53.48 PMThis week I plan to have our new website finished which will feature my very own blog where I can say all the things I shouldn’t, and then unleash them haphazardly to the boundless internet where people can reflect on them and judge me for it. Yayee. Oh, yes and our bands music, photos and videos will be there too.  I have also been booking shows for our band, marketing, making flyers, and it has been an overall network fest. I am a band manager. I even call myself back and follow up on my own emails. SPEC- Tacular.