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Come and Gone

Chris getting a trim from the rest of the band! Photo by Courtney Swarm

Chris getting a trim from the rest of the band! Photo by Courtney Swarm Photography.

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already August. Then again, it seems like a long time ago since I moved out of our house last June. Anyways, when you live in a college town like me, summer is considered over in a week or two, so I thought I’d reminisce a little.

In my last blog I mentioned potential items on my summer to-do list. I’m proud to say I accomplished the following:

  • I engineered and produced my friend Aaron Zettler’s EP. I’m currently editing and mixing it! Sounding solid.
  • I got inspired (with some help of a new delay pedal)
  • I wrote some new songs
  • I wrote some new lyrics

I did make it to Philly and Tennessee for the family-related events, but decided not to head out to LA this summer. I worked some odd jobs to make a little cash, which was quite necessary. All-in-all, it was a good and productive summer. We played our last show for awhile in Chicago this past June, which was a blast. We always have a good time in Chicago. That city appreciates their pop-rock music.

Anyways, we’ve moved into a new house, complete with a ping-pong table and a dishwasher (if you watched our old Cribs video, you know what I’m talking about), so that’s pretty cool. The majority of the next several months will be dedicated to writing and working. Some of us will be working full-time jobs to save some green for recording. The new demos we’ve been working on are sounding solid and we really like the direction we’re heading in. More clean guitar and more experimental in general. In the meantime, we’re getting pumped for the release of Reason 5.0 and Record 1.5! Honest to God, Propellerhead is incredibly awesome and their software has changed the way I create music for the better. If you are a musician and have not used their software, download their demos here and check it out.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!