No help from no one.

Posted by Bud Carroll May 11th, 2010

Hey Internets

It’s hard to be in the music buisness.  No one has your back when you are down, no one wants to help you unless you are making them money.  Sometimes you wonder why you did’nt stay in school and get a real degree and fucking make some godanm money yourself for once.  You find yourslef wrestling with these and other questions and its about enough to make you go crazy sometimes. 

But, I have a theroy that if you actually ever do become successfull then you won’t do anything worth a shit anyways.  So I raise my glass to the struggle and hope to be able to pay my rent from month to month.   

Then sometimes out of the blue something to make it all worthwhile comes along and then everything is cool again.  You start to believe in yourself and believe that you have’nt wasted your life pissing away your time on selfish pursits. 

One of the things I do with my time other than play the shit holes of america, (music venues), is produce records.  I’ve done a few now that are actualy pretty good.  I’ve produced shit by people that went on to do bigger and better things, and while they are totally gratefull for all of the work you did for next to no money at the time, they rarely remember you down the line.  I have a very good story to tell about this,…more to come as details unfold.

The one that I’m working on at the moment is with a girl named Sasha Collette.  This is probably going to be one of the best records I’ve ever been involved with.  This is one of those things that makes you believe that you are actually doing something worthwhile. 


As you can see she’s a great singer and a gifted song writer.  We tracked the record all live with her band the Magnolias, Andrew Gilliam and Jose Oreta providing the rythm section tracks.  We recorded all of the instruments in the same room with minimal overdubs added by me,…hammond organ, pedal steel, strings ect. I’m proud to say this record has no click, and no bullshit, just live vocals, drums, acoustic and bass, minimal mics and minimal overdubs.  No auto tune, no snapping to grids and no faking it.

In other news the southern souls and myself  just took a trip down south and played nashville in the midst of the worst flooding in like 100 years.  The shows went great and you can’t keep a good town down.  Godspeed and swift recovery to good people of Nashville.  Heres me at the Mercy Lounge.

doing what I do best,....not quitting

doing what I do best,....not quitting

Keep it real,


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  1. Louie McNeal said on May 12th, 2010

    Hey Bud
    I feel ya. People suck. Performers are among the worst when it comes to personalities. While everyone has their own adgendas, I think a little more attention and effort should be applied towards others who may not subscribe to ME monthly.

    I once did a recording project for a band for free because I thought they were a good group and I knew they had no budget. I just wanted to help them get a decent booking demo and it turned into a nightmare of personality conflicts and repeated feeding of the drama machine. I was almost to the point of paying them to go somewhere else, but mercifully I got it done. There were no thank yous or anything like that, but by that time, I was just thankful that I wouldn’t have to deal with them again… even for money.

    Since then, I just decided to do what makes me happiest and that is to write my songs and play them when and where I can. I’ve been offered this deal and that one over the years, but when I weigh out what I’d have to put up with in order to get a finished product, I just decided that my happiness is dependent on me, so I often just do it all myself, for good or bad.

    I totally agree with you about Sasha as well. I have been listening to her for a few years, so I would appriciate you letting me know when this new project is completed. And I also got a few songs from Friday night’s show in Ashland recorded. You played some lead on one of my songs (St Louie Misery) that suited the song so well. Thanks for that, I’m glad I got it recorded. It’s not the best quality recording but I think it suited the feel of the song, so that’s probably just as well. Its on YOUTUBE if you want to check it out.

    Anyhoo, good luck with your current projects and I wish you all the best when dealing with all the assholes out there. More and more that seems to be a full-time job.

  2. Bjorn Baillie said on May 12th, 2010


    some days when you pick up a guitar and strum a G chord, it sounds boring and has no ’sound’…no real tone…no real promise of new things…then once in a while you pick up the guitar and everywhere you go on it it reminds you why we’re plugging away…why we didn’t take that route down with everyone else.

    i agree that it’s tough to keep bouncing back in your mind..but the thing that never lets you go, is the thing that got you there in the first place..making music…grabbing it from thin air and running with it…whether into a band…touring…or producing great talents like you’re at right now.

    look forward to your continued work and as you told me before…once you got the ‘grease’…there’s no turning back


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