Takin it Easy, Health Care, NYC, & What The 54 is All About.

Posted by The54 June 17th, 2010

So here we are again. It’s Walt with The 54, and I gotta say… we’ve been somewhat taking it easy since we’ve gotten off tour back in April, at least as far as shows go. So far we’ve but performed a charity show about a month ago called 500 Songs For Kids, which was great, as it always is. It’s a big event in Atlanta; we performed last year… but it’s not a full show, even though I personally managed to headbang a huge knot into the back of my neck (which I couldn’t go to the doctor cuz of freakin¬† health care! It’s all good now though)… I mean, the whooole tour and no injury amongst the whole band, and then we perform one song for this charity event… Anyway, sorry I’m off topic.¬† So we haven’t by any means been inactive, but we’ve been off the stage for several weeks now- which is cool. We did see a lot of each other for those two months. Honestly, it was a lot of fun- being out on the road seeing new cities, meeting new fans. Performing with Janelle Monae for 10 dates was great as well. And ya know, ever since that tour ended, she has been really tearing up the talk show circuit!… Yeeeep it’s really great to see how her young career has blossomed after getting a boost from being on tour with The 54… But ya know things like that are what The 54 is all about- so good for her.

So what’s going on with The 54??? We’ve been in Atlanta, composing, recording demos, a little practice to make sure we don’t get rusty, and honestly trying to take care of a bit of band business… but we’re all really excited about hitting the road again! Which brings me to my next point…
The 54 is hitting the road again! That’s right! Black Betty (our van) is in the shop right now getting ready for her next trek. This time- we’re heading back to the Big City- New York, New York. We’re getting our toll and parking lot money ready and we’re puttin it in a big ole pot cuz we’re goin to Gotham. Yeahh word son. From 3:00 to 3:30 on June 26th we’ll be performing in Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn on day one of The 2010 Afro-Punk Festival! We’re going on a few slots before Bad Brains- pretty cool right? So if you’re in the NYC Metropolitan, check it out! It should be a pretty awesome return to action. And that’s what The 54 is aaaall about.

Thanks for reading. Till next time!

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