Artist Spotlight: All Wrong & The Plans Change

k-a-bwHow would you describe your music to someone who has no clue who you are or what you sound like?

Amy Wood: It’s totally awesome smooth jazz.

Kassia Conway: I guess rock music? I would say Indie but what is being called indie seems to be a lot more folk-influenced now. People compare us to The Breeders (which is generous), and always mention the 90’s songwriting aspects, but maybe that is because I play bass. I don’t know. I hate this question, so I usually just give the website.

Influences? Musical, cosmic or otherwise?

AW: Neptune and Pete Thomas (the drummer from Elvis Costello and the Attractions).

KC: Voices I like are Neko Case, Lucinda Williams, Aimee Mann, Kim Deal, Tom Waits, and Elliott Smith. Bands I like are The Breeders, Pixies, Wilco, Bon Iver, Band of Horses, Blind Pilot, Pinback, and Weezer (“Pinkerton” era).

Do you write collectively as a band? What inspires the music? The lyrics? What defines the impetus for a song: is it a lyric or a line?

AW: (sleeping).

KC: I write lyrics and bass usually… sometimes crappy guitar, but the music is written as a band. I try to get my lyrics and verse chorus ideas together and then bring them to Amy. She takes everything and nails down arrangement, plays drums and then sets about finding sounds to begin setting the vibe for the song. Then we track bass back to her drums and start the song as a drum/bass/scratch vocal track. She almost always determines the direction for the songs; and even when it turns out very differently than I imagined I am always confident that the result is what is best for the song. I am usually also relieved. Impetus for a song? Necessity. If I don’t write songs I cannot play nice with others.

How do you capture/record realized songs or ideas?

AW: After I have a good basic track and scratch vocal I spend a lot of time in front of the computer going through sounds, and then a lot of time in the studio building the track after that. I work with Jon Would on guitar and key sounds and then comp together what I like. Then I give the track over to Jon to mix and master.

KC: I try to get a very believable vocal to track to so that I can stay close to the song as it goes through all of the changes that happen during recording. If I don’t believe my vocal or the words I will start to HATE the song and abandon it.

What are key elements to your creativity? Having the gear/tools to get the thoughts expressed, recorded or documented?

AW & KC: Good ears + Good gear (that is easy to use) + Good Wine = Good Music

Must-have piece of gear or tool for creating/making music?

AW: Drums, Reason refills for key sounds and a lucky feather

KC: My 10-year-old Fender P-Bass and Amy Wood

Best collective or individual ‘guilty pleasure’?

AW: Keith Sweat

KC: “Toxic” by Britney Spears (or whoever actually wrote that), and watching “The Bachelor”. It is disgusting.

What’s coming up for the band, any highlights, special projects or gigs?

AW: We are releasing our full-length album “I’m Like Whatever” next month online, playing shows and recording new songs for our next release.

KC: Working hard all the time at everything all at once.


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All Wrong & The Plans Change – The Kid

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All Wrong & The Plans Change – I Get Down

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