The Devil Whale

TheDevilWhaleWe are a pack of four idealists who live in Salt Lake City that like to drive around and play shows in towns near the ones you live in. Our first record, Like Paraders, was released in 2008 on the heels of a year-long hiatus mandated by some polyps that mugged my vocal chords, and subsequently surgery and recovery. Like Paraders was recorded in Seattle with respected engineer/producer/friend Shawn Simmons (Jen Wood, Grand Hallway, Sunn O))), the Maldives) and features collaborations with a nice cast of Seattle friends like Jen Wood (the Postal Service, Jeremy Enigk), Jenna Conrad (Damien Jurado), and Jason Merculief (Sera Cahoone, J. Tillman).

Our second record doesn’t exist yet. But it has begun, and is well on its way. And once it is done we will re-appear in the cities and towns near the ones you live in and hopefully these appearance will segue into friendships and other things.

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