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The year was 2008. At the ripe age of twenty, Chris was pursuing a college degree at Purdue University with hopes of finally entering the glamorous world of cubicles, hour-long commutes and water cooler gossip.

Daniel, also at the tender age of twenty, had just moved to Los Angeles with plans of working at a recording studio. After long hours of scrubbing toilets for Mariah Carey, fetching bacon-wrapped hot dogs for Three6Mafia and buying scented candles to ease JLo’s inspirational process, Daniel decided that there was more to life than serving virgin strawberry daiquiris to The Jonas Brothers.

Chris and Daniel, high school friends and former bandmates, started a long-distance musical collaboration to keep themselves from drowning in their daily drudgery. They sent their songs back and forth using the most advanced modern technology (AOL Instant Messenger & Reason 4.0) until their songs were complete.

Cue 2009. Chris and Daniel realized that they had deprived the world of their musical creations long enough. Daniel quit his job, packed up everything he held dear and moved back to Indiana. There, he and Chris rented a house and began work on their debut EP, due out this fall, which will be followed by endless touring in a van that will soon smell of sweat, jerky, and whatever else you can imagine.

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